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Memory Care Planning Program  

Is One-of-a-Kind Total Medical Care at Home

November 2017




  • By the year 2020, 110,000 individuals 65+ will have Alzheimer’s Dementia in the state of Maryland. By 2025, the increase will be up 30%*

  • Each day brings new demands and challenges for care providers.

  • Dementias are progressive chronic illnesses that require a comprehensive approach to care planning.



Medicine at Home’s:  Memory Care Planning Program

(Also referred to as Cognitive Impairment/Dementia Care Planning Program)

  • A specialist from Medicine at Home will conduct Dementia Care Planning visits to manage and monitor the progression of memory loss, functional impairments, and neuropsychiatric diagnoses.

  • Periodic reassessments to identify changes in cognitive function and level of care.

  • A Cognitive Impairment Care Plan visit has been outlined by Medicare to be in-depth and multidimensional. It addresses 9 areas for patient care planning: Patient decision-making assessment, cognition screening, cognitive impairment assessment and cognitive severity staging, functional assessment, neuropsychiatric or behavior assessment, caregiver identification and depression risk assessment, medication assessment and reconciliation, safety assessment, advanced care planning discussion.

  • Directing the caregiver to appropriate resources and to trusted specialists to ensure a strong supportive care team.

Each area of this new Medicare benefit is addressed through utilizing the most up-to-date and validated assessment tools provided by the Alzheimer’s Association; approved by Medicare and the AMA.

Our level of care and commitment to your residents or loved-one for their total well-being and medical care is one-of-a-kind. This program makes Medicine at Home’s care unique and special. Our goal is to be the very best in keeping your residents or family member aging-in-place, happy, healthy and loved. ~ Christine Gardella MMS, PA-C

*2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures Maryland report at