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The Circle of Care

When you choose Medicine at Home, you are no longer alone. We have a host of care providers on our team – our Circle of Care. We carefully selected these established Medicare providers with a proven reputation as our best partners in care.  Our Circle includes:  community home health care providers (skilled nurses, PT, OT, social workers, speech pathologists) Life Care Managers, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Podiatrists, ALF owners, Caregivers, non-profit or governmental senior support organizations. 


"Christine calm and confident demeanor helps to reassure her patients in difficult times. Christine is undoubtedly efficient at evaluating and treating patients, as she can complete these duties while preserving the patient’s comfort."


"I have worked in the field for 14 years and have never met someone like Christine. She is caring, compassionate and professional. She really takes the time to get to know her patients and has a great bedside manor. I would not hesitate to call Christine to help in the care of any of my loved ones!"


"Medicine at Home is an extension of Christine Gardella, and her patients love her.  I see and hear it everyday when the accuhealth team is interacting with her patients receiving remote monitoring services."


"Christine cares so much about her patients. She follows every detail of their care to insure they are receiving the very best. She treats people as if they were members of her own family."

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“It’s so nice to have such an excellent partner when our clients need closely-managed medical care. We value our relationship with clients and families and want to provide them with a medical option too. I highly recommend Medicine at Home.” 

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"As a senior-serving professional I am very impressed with Christine Gardella and her team at Medicine at Home. Christine is a well connected resource in the senior living provider community and has been invaluable to helping provide solutions to our elders and their loved ones."

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"Christine is a true patient advocate! She is very professional and always doing what is needed to provide the best care for her patients. She is a pleasure to collaborate with on the care of her patients."


"Always great working with Christine and Medicine at Home.  Her professionalism and responsiveness is unsurpassed."


"Lloyds Solutions has been providing back end services to Christine Gardella of Medicine at Home for the past two years. We have seen that Christine is very particular in providing accurate and appropriate services to the patients. Her attention to details is commendable bringing smiles to the faces of the patients!"


"Dynasplint is thrilled to have Medicine at Home as a partner! Medicine at Home delivers superior care and service to patients with such compassion that we are very pleased to be their partner in helping to restore patients’ lives to the way it ought to be."

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"Medicine at Home provides the highest quality care with compassion to all their patients. Physio in Motion is grateful to be working with Medicine at Home to deliver physical therapy service in a personal and professional environment to achieve patients' greatest potential."

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"I highly Endorse Medicine At Home for providing top-notch care to residents in Montgomery and Prince Georges County. Keep up the great work"

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"The families that we work with have been very positive in their feedback about the quality of care received from Medicine at Home. They have been very thorough in their responses and in their care and treatment."


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