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Does Your Loved  One Need a Memory Visit?


  • By the year 2020, 110,000+ individuals 65+yrs had Alzheimer’s Dementia in the state of Maryland. By 2025, this will increase 30%*

  • It is not often recognized that dementia causes a heavy toll on the caregiver as well as those afflicted.

  • Dementia is a progressive chronic illnesses that require a comprehensive approach to care planning.


Our “Memory Care Program” is led by practitioners with a sincere interest in cognitive care and geriatrics in order to guide our patients as they age and educate the families caring for them. 

The goal of the Memory Care visit is to identify and monitor cognitive impairments and stage its severity. Included in this visit is to identify functional and neuro-psychiatric impairments and to mitigate the associated risks.  

Ongoing assessments for mental status are conducted during all of our regular visits.  We monitor for early neuro-cognitive impairment.  If any impairment is detected, this will trigger a further in-depth assessment: the Memory Care visit.  This visit will include family and caregiver interviews.  We are trained and licensed to make these assessments using Alzheimer’s Association & AMA approved tools such as the MoCA, FAST, NPI-Q, etc.  The Memory Care visit is performed every 6 months (or more often if there are any significant changes) to fully assess for any neuro-cognitive declines.  

Elder woman and her caretaker

Special features: 

  • Comprehensive Memory Care Planning

  • Caregiver needs assessment 

  • Evaluation for depression and other neuro-psych behaviors 

  • Advance Care Planning/MOLST

  • Medication reconciliation and review for high risk meds

  • Referral to community resources as needed

  • Comprehensive Pharmacogenetic Testing - covered by Medicare

Monitoring and tracking cognitive decline is essential.  Educating the family for signs and symptoms of dementia is key.  Supporting families and caregivers in offering guidance and resources is our mission.

Please ask us about our “Memory Care Program”

Our commitment to your loved-one for their total well-being is one-of-a-kind. This program makes Medicine at Home’s care unique and special. Our goal is to be the very best in keeping your family member aging-in-place, happy, healthy and loved.
~ Christine Gardella MMS, PA-C


*2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures Maryland report at alz.org/facts

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