“For the past 2 years, PA Christine of Medicine at Home has provided very compassionately, high-quality care to our residents. She is committed to utilizing non-medication interventions as the first attempt to minimize harmful behaviors.  Her bedside manner with our residents is superior and she is a great training resource to our staff. I am very thankful for her quick response time in the event of an emergency. She has been a great addition to the Russell Residence service portfolio.”  - Suzanne Russell ~ Owner: Russell Residences ALF

 “Christine displays a very professional, courteous, respectful relationship with her patients. She is punctual, flexible and conscientious, providing the best care needed for her patient’s health. She is extremely responsive, day or night.” ~ Maria Khader ~ Owner: JK House of Grace ALF

Dear Christine…

“I just want to tell you that I would not have been able to take care of my father at home if it wasn’t for your help.  You were able to give him at least another year living in his own home.  You were a God send to us.  You really were." - Susie S. , Bethesda, MD

“In 2014 I was diagnosed with Scleroderma which resulted in emergency surgery, chemotherapy for Large B-Cell Lymphoma and almost two months of hospitalization.  The major tumor centered on my lower spine and paralyzed me from the waist down.  I was unable to move my legs well, required catheterization and had two major bed sores.  When we met you, my husband and I were able to tell that you were highly trained and caring medical professionals.  You provided professional medical services and guidance at a very high level of expertise.  You are a model in-home medical care professional and your care and advice have aided in my recovery.  You have my “five star” rating.” ~ Linda T., Potomac, MD

“During the five months, you were in charge of my care as the advanced practitioner, you adjusted my medication and explained their benefits to my complete understanding and satisfaction.  I especially appreciated that you were always on time for appointments.  I felt comfortable under your care and you became a friend in monitoring my care to be comfortable being at home and aging in place.  I know you care about your patients and you have my endorsement without qualification.”~Harold H. , Washington, DC

“I can’t begin to put into words how wonderful you were to my Mom and me.  You were always available, compassionate, kind and caring.  I can’t think of anyone else I would want by my side during my Mother’s illness.  And thank you for listening to me and taking what I said seriously.”

~ Mia W., Silver Spring, MD