Medicine at Home – Compassionate Care Matters

The clear choice in care for your residents:


Medicine at Home provides your assisted living residents the consistent, personal and closely-managed medical care they deserve.

Medicine at Home cares for your residents in your assisted living facility (ALF) allowing them to receive the best possible care without having to leave when they are too frail or feeling their worst. Medicine at Home offers the perfect solution for the patient, their family, and your facility. Our goal is to put your resident first.

The clear choice for the home bound patient:


Medicine at Home, with PA Gardella, provides direct, compassionate and personalized house call visits to the home bound Medicare patient. Medicine at Home is the best choice in medical care when it becomes too difficult for the loved-one to leave. All medical services will be brought into the home so that her patients will never have to leave and can maintain aging-in-place as long as is needed. 

“ Fewer hospital admissions, resident turnover, deficiencies from the State OHCQ
and more satisfied families with healthier, happier residents.”  

- PA Christine Gardella