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Intern Work

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Meet "Alexis and Mckenna"


 They are the Chronic Care Managers and Office Administrators for Medicine at Home.  

They are participating in the Medicine at Home Pre-PA Gap-Year Internship.


Mckenna Wallenmeyer

Mckenna Wallenmeyer is a Chronic Care Manager who is a part of Medicine at Home’s Pre-PA internship program.  Mckenna is a Certified Nursing Assistant and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She first gained her love for medicine when she was diagnosed with her own chronic condition to which she spent years homebound. Through this experience, she became dedicated to going to PA school and one day hopes of having her own practice. She prides herself on going above and beyond to care and manage patients' chronic conditions.  "I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in our patients' care. I enjoy connecting with patients and their families.  My goal is to help patients receive the care they deserve." 

Alexis Randolph

Alexis Randolph is a Co-Chronic Care Manager and a part of the Medicine at Home Pre-PA Internship program. She is a licensed CNA in the state of Maryland and is currently enrolled in her final year of the Master’s program at Towson University. She attended Towson University for her undergraduate career, graduating with a B.S in Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Molecular Bioinformatics in 2019. Alexis has always had a life-long passion for helping others and believes that she can make a difference by helping others who may not be able to help themselves. This has driven her towards pursing a career as a PA, in hopes of providing care for those in need. "It is an honor for me to be able to be a part of a team that prides themselves in helping others.  I strive to provide the type of care that the patient and their families deserve." 

Team work
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Internship Program

The Medicine at Home Pre-PA Internship is a unique opportunity to learn internal and geriatric medicine while assisting as a CNA/MA.  This internship is designed to prepare candidates and college students for the rigors of PA school.  This is not a medical office job but an experience; being elbow to elbow with a PA or NP assisting during in home patient visits.   So, be a part of the solution and something bigger!  Come join the Medicine at Home prestigious team of interns!

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