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Job Description for Internship

Volunteer Medical Internship in Growing House Calls Practice


You will work closely with PAs and NPs and learn about a wide variety of medical conditions and disease states along with pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments and plans of care for these disease states.  You will gain an up-close exposure to a great amount of geriatric/internal medicine, medical practice management, coding and billing, and PA’s in medical practice ownership.  While on house calls with PAs and NPs you will gain comprehensive medical documentation skills, as we will train you how to scribe, and how to obtain medical biometrics such as obtaining accurate vitals. 


Medical office admininistration work includes but is not limited to:  learning to upload and enter into patient flowcharts:  X-rays, EKGs, labs; while learning the basics in interpreting lab results, genetic tests, etc.



We are seeking candidates who have a CNA/MA certificate to assist in practice administrative tasks while gaining patient contact hours with patient visits. The candidate should possess a special interest in a non-traditional; unconventional approach to serving our “in the shadows” community:  the seriously-ill or home-bound patient populations.  You should have an interest in community/public health, geriatrics, medical practice/business ownership/entrepreneurship.  This is valuable educational opportunity that will prepare the candidate well for PA school.  We are looking for a candidate that is available on a regular weekly schedule. 

Internship Program

The Medicine at Home Pre-PA Internship is a unique opportunity to learn internal and geriatric medicine while assisting as a CNA/MA.  This internship is designed to prepare candidates and college students for the rigors of PA school.  This is not a medical office job but an experience; being elbow to elbow with a PA or NP assisting during in home patient visits.   So, be a part of the solution and something bigger!  Come join the Medicine at Home prestigious team of interns!

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